The Divide  

By Nathan Doneen

“Come along and discover this world, one of bears, bivy sacks, and mountain weather. You’ll see all of this and more as Nathan follows the Great Divide, the world’s longest mountain bike route, stretching 2700 miles along the Continental Divide from Alberta to the US-Mexico Border.

Allow yourself to sink into a downy sleeping bag; imagine braving severe rain storms; experience the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. As you read, you’ll feel as though you’ve crawled into Nathan’s head and know the daily experience of the route, from the downpours and deserts to the moments of frustration and elation. You’ll encounter wildlife, ask strangers for help, and maybe even lose a small measure of sanity. But that also means sharing the self-discoveries earned along the way. So saddle up and dive into your next adventure, The Divide.”

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