Farm to Fork Meat Riot  

By Niti Bali

“You are about to delve into the subject of lifestyle and nutrition from a different perspective, perhaps, than you have previously considered. Until our daughter Meenakshi was diagnosed with cancer, we were conventional food eaters. Frankly, if I had not had to seek life force in the most nutrient dense foods available to save my daughter’s life, I would be at the grocery store buying the same blank, dead, carcinogenic food like substances I was buying before.

This book is about truth. FOOD can shape or destroy an entire civilization. We are capable of regenerating cells to heal our bodies when given the correct unadulterated nutrients to support the cells.

We need to do everything we can to expand living soils since it is the root of our wellness. Regenerating soil is the basis of food freedom; the result of this practice is health independence – the purpose of this system/cycle is to balance the eco-system, which will stabilize the climate and overall well-being of all life on earth.

Although this book will guide you to a deeper and more practical understanding of what a regenerative lifestyle looks and feels like, my intention is to give you a more conscious awareness of the potential depth and breadth of the power each of you has to influence.”

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