No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture  

By Bryan O’Hara

“In No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture, O’Hara describes the methods he has developed, which are completely free of herbicides or other pesticides and require only a few acres of land and minimal capital investment. He asserts that this flexible, ecological methodology is as important for soil fertility as it is for his economic success. This comprehensive manual delves into all facets of a dynamic, holistic growing system, including:

– No-till bed preparation techniques
– Seeding and transplanting methods
– Irrigation
– Use of fertilizers (including foliar feeds)
– Composting (preparation and application)
– Culture of indigenous microorganisms to support soil biology
– Pest and disease management
– Year-round growing
– Harvest and storage techniques

Whether you’re a high-yield producer, a homesteader, or a market gardener, No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture is the go-to vegetable grower’s manual for the twenty-first century. O’Hara’s advanced yet accessible methodology will both help you respond to natural systems and adapt to meet future challenges.”

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