Our Mission

Simplify sustainability by connecting people with a wide variety of environmental information and resources from across the internet.

Symbiotico was born from the realization that people, particularly those of the younger generations, have the desire to live in a more conscious way; in a way which aligns with environmental values, and slows the expeditious rate at which we are destroying the planet. Simply put, we are utterly responsible for the planet’s demise, and now- more than ever- we must take responsibility to help preserve this precious planet that we live on.

With that said, the issue of environmentalism in itself can be unquestionably overwhelming, and many people don’t know where to look, or where to start, in order to make necessary changes. Over the last year I have fallen into the routine of consistently sharing and sending links- whether it be articles, videos, podcasts, or book suggestions- to the people in my life. It was through this process that I realized there was no single place which people could easily access important yet easy-to-digest news and information.

Indeed, there is a plethora of platforms that discuss topics which are intertwined with the environment, and there are more articles related to these topics than one can comprehend. The issue was simple, I realized: there was too much information out there, so much so that people became utterly overwhelmed when searching the internet for answers to their environmental questions. (In fact, if you Google search “how to be more eco-friendly” exactly 877 billion results appear). In addition to this, we live in an incredibly busy world and quite frankly, the average person is not going to divert much time from their day to merely look through articles about eco-friendly sock brands.

And so came my solution: do the work for them.

Which is exactly what Symbiotico is: a personal collective of articles, resources, and media content that I’ve sourced from a variety of different websites and media sources, simply so people don’t have to do the digging themselves. Whether it be for news updates or answers to questions, people can visit the website and browse articles; the post then directly links you to the website from which it was sourced.  Symbiotico is a starting point- a home base, if you will- for those seeking answers to their environmental inquiries, from questions about climate change to the best eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Symbiotico is the answer.

— Julia Blandford, Founder